Inside San Francisco’s Color Factory

San Francisco's Color Factory ExteriorMove over Museum of Ice Cream, there’s a new Instagram darling in town: San Francisco’s 12,000 square foot pop-up Color Factory. The brainchild of Oh Happy Day founder Jordan Ferney, Color Factory features 15 brightly hued rooms for visitors to explore. The rooms feature a rainbow of activities for visitors of all ages; you can get lost in a giant yellow ball pit, color a green mural with giant markers, experience the rainbow scratch and sniff wall, walk through a forest of multi-colored ribbons, and more. Some rooms focus on a single shade, while others celebrate the entire spectrum.

Scenes from San Francisco's Color Factory

Confetti and Checkerboard at Color FactoryIf it sounds like an Instagram dream, you’d be right- it was designed specifically with social media in mind. Visitors get a card on arrival that they can scan at photo stations throughout the exhibit to have their photo taken and emailed directly to them.

Founder Jordan Ferney tells the SF Chronicle “Our goal was that every exhibit be three things. It would be conceptual; very photogenic and do well on social media; and be an experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else.”

To bring the fun to life, Ferney enlisted the help of artist Leah Rosenberg and designer Erin Jang, as well as a bevy of artists who designed experiences and visuals for the rooms. Even the bathrooms got in on the fun- painted in bright red hues & featuring whoopie cushions on the walls, for a touch of humor.

Rainbow Windows and Elevator at Color FactoryAnd the fun doesn’t stop when your visit is over. Color Factory designed a neighborhood map, that features 17 colorful experiences & sights. Some and free, and some require a purchase. At Boba Guys you can treat yourself to a vivid pink drink; at Stutter Nails you can ask for the Color Factory special and get a rainbow manicure; at Moth & Dagger Tattoo visitors can get a custom temporary tattoo; and can even find a jukebox that plays only color-themed songs.

“I’m so excited to share Color Factory with the world,” says Ferney, “So, put on your favorite hue and come lose yourself in 10,000 colored ribbons, sink into a giant yellow ball pit, catch some rainbows, smell colorful memories, and taste a spectrum of San Francisco treats.”

Ribbons and Giant Markers at Color FactoryUnfortunately the experience has been sold out since tickets were first made available, but has been extending it’s run, so you can check back periodically to see if new tickets have been released (or join their mailing list). Color Factory is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., except on Wednesdays, and tickets are $32

I’m gutted that this isn’t in NYC, and that I have no viable excuse to visit SF. I’m hoping it will travel, like the Museum of Ice Cream. But if you’re in SF and lucky enough to get tickets, you can’t miss the building at 575 Sutter Street – naturally, it’s painted in a vivid rainbow plaid.

Images courtesy Color Factory’s instagram and @jenniferlake @afashionnerd @4theloveoftoys @tulajeng @silentroamer @designmom @alishylishy

Exterior building photo courtesy Hoodline

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