Kate Spade New York Launches Color-Inspired Fragrance Collection

The Kate Spade woman is quirky and off-beat, independent and strong. She is whimsical and cheerful and ALWAYS colorful. What’s not to love?! Even if I didn’t work for KSNY, I’d still be genuinely excited about our latest fragrance launch with Ulta, the Truly Collection. It’s all about being inspired by color! As Deborah Lloyd, our creative director puts it,

“The collection fuses the worlds of color and fragrance and conveys the core values and personality of the Kate Spade New York girl. It is bold, playful, optimistic, sophisticated, and timeless.”

kate spade truly fragrance collection

TRULYgracious (GREEN) ~ “The color green, Kate Spade New York’s heritage hue, is known for its inviting qualities that are truly gracious. A fresh, earthy scent, TRULYgracious Eau de Toilette is evocative of being immersed in a fresh bamboo forest with emerald leaves intensified by the warm sun and a cool breeze.” With notes of bamboo leaves, green sap, rhubarb and green musk, it’s like stepping into a garden just after the rain. It evokes memories of running around my grandparent’s overgrown garden as a kid. Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite of them all.

TRULYdazzling (AQUA)~ “Inspired by the playful shifts of ocean waves on a clear summer day the color aqua punctuates the ordinary with cheerful optimism that is truly dazzling. And like the feeling of the salty ocean combined with the youthful spirit of watery fruit, TRULYdazzling Eau de Toilette is an aquatic oasis.” With notes of water lily, laminaria (kelp), and Death Valley salt and minerals, it’s practically made for your inner mermaid.

TRULYdaring (PINK)~ “Inspired by the unapologetically feminine color pink, this passionate, playful and loving color is about taking a chance. TRULYdaring Eau de Toilette by Kate Spade New York mimics the freshness and purity of the pink peony, and as the fragrance unfolds, it reveals deeper and more mysterious nuances hidden in the flower’s petals.” With peony, cherry blossom and jasmine and wild rose, it’s a light floral that’s uplifting and fresh- a perfect springtime fragrance if you like florals.

TRULYjoyful (ORANGE)~ “Combining the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, the vibrant color orange is the inspiration behind truly joyful. A reminder to reminisce and share your own fond memories, TRULYjoyful Eau de Toilette by Kate Spade New York summons the zest of spiced oranges with crisp warming spices like crystallized ginger.” With blood orange, pink pepper, cardamom and ginger, this is a warm, inviting scent that would be perfect for the holidays. It reminds me of making those pomander oranges covered in cloves at Christmastime.


Kate Spade TRULYgracious, TRULYdazzling, TRULYdaring and TRULYjoyful are available now at Ulta, $65 each for 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

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