Why Gucci-Mania shows no signs of letting up

There’s been a lot of excitement over designer Alessandro Michele’s quirky maximalism at Gucci over the past year. Not since Tom Ford helmed the brand in the late 90’s has there been so much hype and enthusiasm over Gucci. And it appears he has no plans to arrest that momentum with his latest venture, the highly-anticipated launch of Gucci decor. Its bold and colorful, featuring lots of flora and fauna imagery mixed with traditional toilles and geo prints. I love it.

My feelings about Gucci in general are a bit more mixed. While I love a kooky granny’s attic look just as much as the next person (who am I kidding, much MORE than the average person), I do feel like sometimes there’s a bit too much Gucci-fever going on in the design world, and that there’s going to be a saturation point sometime soon. That being said, if you love color and pattern, chances are you’re going to love the decor on offer (if not the price tag). Below, are the collection highlights- it’s pretty familiar Alessandro Michele territory, but on furniture and decor it feels special and new- really pretty spectacular in its attention to detail and vibrance.

gucci striped snake tray gucci snake pillows with printed reverse side gucci animal pillows close up gucci pink pillow tassel detail gucci decor trays of tigers and eyes gucci eye tray gucci candles in decorative ceramic containers gucci decor chairs gucci decor chair details gucci wallpaper samples of animals and bees

images courtesy Gucci.com

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