Poster House Museum Pop-Up

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A museum dedicated to the art of the poster is set to open in NYC in late 2018. The Poster House will be renovating the former Tekserve space at 119 W 23rd street, for a cost of nearly $6 million, reports the Wall Street Journal. While I was sad to see Tekserve go, I couldn’t ask for a better replacement.

In late September, Poster House will be hosting a month-long Pop-Up Exhibition of posters from NYC venues and events “that remain only in our memories”. Before construction begins, visitors will have a chance to wander the raw space and wax nostalgic about those long gone institutions, shows and events. New York has always been a haven for one-off events, parties, happenings, as well as iconic hot spots, but as the city’s financial and cultural demographics change, many of these beloved institutions have disappeared. “Gone Tomorrow” is a celebration of of what we have loved and lost, but also a great reminder of how vibrant this city can be.

“Gone Tomorrow” opening reception is September 2oth 2017 at 119 W. 23rd.

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