get big drama with black decor

I really love  black as a design element, especially in interiors.  Sometimes people shy away from black interiors because they think it will make  a room look small, but it can actually add drama to even small spaces. I painted our teeny NYC bathroom black in our last apartment, and loved it- it was a refreshing change from the sea of white in the rest of the loft. But you don’t have to commit to an entirely black rooms to achieve that drama. Just painting a door or doors in your home can look really chic. Or if that’s also too much of a commitment, just accessorizing your home with black can be really beautiful- think matte black place-settings, flatware, coasters (there’s a great DIY tutorial for faux jet marble coasters here), or even smaller accessories like cabinet pulls can look great in black. Below are some of the most beautiful uses of black in design that I’ve come across recently, from accents walls and doors to flatware and even nails. And while I do love my empire red Kitchen Aid mixer, I have to admit that the model in matte black below might just be the sexiest kitchen appliance I’ve ever seen…

image credits: 12/3; 4/5; 6/7; 8/9; 10/11; 12/13; 14/15


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