The best Colorful Animal Wallpaper

I recently moved apartments and decided to wallpaper my kitchen. I’d always wanted red zebras- Scalamandre’s red Zebra wallpaper to be precise. At work, a couple of offices are done in this paper (one kitchen has silver zebras!)- and I’m obsessed! When I was done, I loved it so much- I decided to do my bathroom with the Albany Flamingos pattern. You can see the results of both rooms in the slideshow above. I have to stop now, because this is a rental. But there are so many amazing, and colorful animal wallpapers out there to choose from. A few of the best are pictured in the slideshow, and available at the links below, should you want a house full of beasties…

Merian Palm (the large panel banana leaves and parrots paper) –Timorous Beasties

White Moth Stripe –Timorous Beasties

Zebras- Scalamandre at Decorator’s Best

Flamingos- Albany at Wallpaper Direct

Panthera- Kaitlin Mcgauley at Studio Four NYC

Owls- Kate Spade at Decorator’s Best

Cheetah- Thibaut at Wallpaper Direct

Butterflies- Anthropology

Parrots- Albany at Wallpaper Direct

Insects- Onszelf

Koi- Koromo Clearwater at A Shade Wilder

Monkeys- House of Hackney

Best In Show- Osborne & Little at Finest Wallpaper

Honey Bees- Barneby Gates

Vintage Animal Party– Sidewall, 1952 by United Wallpapers (sorry, this one’s not for sale, but it’s one of my favorites. It used to be in the cocktail lounge of the old Gramercy Park hotel before they renovated, and now is in the collection at the Cooper Hewitt design museum.)

Whimsical Floral w/ snake (Removable)- Urban Outfitters

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